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Top Free Android Games Everyone Should Know About

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

Top Free Android Games Everyone Should Know About

If you want to kill some time and enjoy playing games using your Android phones yet you don’t want to spend a few dollars on buying the game or application that you want, do not worry because there are tons of Android games that you can try out there with no fee at all! Here is a list of the best free android games that everyone should know about:


Circle Affinity

The object of the game is to to move through a series of rotating circles to reach the center. During your journey you need to avoid an increasing number of stationary and flying enemies and obstacles. Once you master the first level you will find another four increasingly difficult levels to tackle if you have not been driven crazy by the hypnotic rotating circles..



Six! Is a puzzle game where need to move your hexigon down through the screen. To do this you have to tap on the screen to destroy the blocks beneath you. It might consume a lot of your time, but you will surely enjoy developing a strategy when it comes to combining and removing to win the game. You will encounter a lot of complex situations too, lots of tapping on the screen but overall, for those who enjoy puzzles and strategies, this is the perfect game for you.



Orbit is an experimental game where you are going to create a situation and watch what happens next. It is more like a puzzle game but suits you because you will be able to create your own solar system. There are planets around, black holes and celestial bodies that you can encounter. It is great for people who adore astronomy.


Wizard For Hire

This game will let you create a new adventure in the world of magic. For instance, if you’ve been assigned as the wizard, your main job is to protect the castle from enemies by casting spells. There are some balloons that you have to match on the symbol given to prevent it from destroying the castle, however, if you just miss one you will go back to square one.


One More Jump

Playing in the world of vivid colors and abstract shapes can be very exciting. In each level, you are required to reach the exit. Therefore, you need to do all you can to just to stick with the white platform. You have your grinning square that will set you speeding down. Therefore, you need to work on your timing to meet disaster while you are on your way to reaching the exit by jumping here and there. There are also bonuses that you should also grab on the road to upgrade to the next level and make sure that you will be able to leap across the exit to win the game.

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