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Tips For Mastering Your Gaming Skills

How to be a better gamer both of and online

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016

How to be a better gamer both of and online

There are various gaming competitions that gamers from all around the world attend and win awesome prizes. Some of them become top gamers that game companies take on as a game tester that plays beta versions of their upcoming games.  What really makes any game style different is the ability to adapt. So if you want to become a game tester, or simply want to improve your gaming style you need to focus on these following tips.

Get Better Hardware.

In most cases, players that like to play online FPS games usually set low spec settings so that they gain performance. Although not everything is in the visuals, they do come handy. So get better equipment so you can enjoy the full gameplay even when playing online. There is nothing more a gamer could want than maxing out the graphic setting and playing in an online session.

Games like Battlefield, or Unreal Tournament have sick visuals, and it’s really a shame to play them on low graphic settings. It’s basically a gaming sin, so take your savings and get yourself a new computer or at least some new hardware.

Better Tools means Better Gaming.

If you really want to dominate in any online game as well as in the single player game, you need to get better equipment. Getting a wireless keyboard or a pro-gaming mouse is the best thing you can do to improve your game performance. Not only that you will have extra buttons to assign commands on with a gaming mouse, but you will also maximize your performance.

High-tech gaming mice are equipped with latest laser sensitive technology that lets you control every millimeter of your aim movement. Precision matters, especially in fast paced games where one well-placed shoot can determine the faith of entire match.

Train Until You Achieves Perfection.

Top Quake 3 players, for example, spend hours and hours in training matches where they not only configure the sensitivity for each weapon but also work on their foot work. Movement is also important in any online match so make sure you pay attention to it. Start by picking your favorite game, then create solo matches where you will spend hours shooting improvised opponents.

It’s important to play without the NPC because they have a specific movement patter that is easily predictable. Not only that it’s predictable, but it’s also considerably distinguishable from real player’s movement. So go ahead, start your training session and I promise that if you spend enough time in it, the next time you show up on an online match you will see that it was worth it.

Improving your game style won’t be easy, but in time you will appreciate the time that you’ve spent in those lonely servers. Make sure that you know why you are doing it, as training without a motive won’t get you far. Go for the championships or try to best your friends, this will give you the right idea and motivate you to achieve greatness.

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