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What are the Best Pokemon Games?

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017

What are the Best Pokemon Games?

If you have played Pokemon GO before, you may well consider the title to be the best Pokemon game ever.

This might mean that you haven’t played other versions of Pokemon – the ones before it was made it into the mobile phone gaming version.

Fans of Pokemon know very well the value of playing every version of the Pokemon game.

This article will give you a list of the best Pokemon games that ever made it into the market. And you’ll be shocked that it isn’t Pokemon GO at the top of the list.


Pokemon Generation II

The Pokemon Generation II was composed of Crystal, Silver, and Gold editions. Many Pokemon players have great respect for the first generation, but most players feel that it was the second generation that picked up the pace. The formal revelation of the dual-types and the implementation of the night and day cycle created various ways of how the game is to be played. And for the very first time, the time of the day really mattered in the game. Some Pokemon could only be captured at certain times of the day. It really made the game more interesting yet more frustrating. Aside from these week and day cycles, this second generation also expanded on the happiness/friendship system, which was introduced in the Yellow Edition, making the Pokemon grow through their devotion to their masters.


Pokemon Generation I

This generation composed of the Red, Yellow and Blue Editions. This is where the fun of playing Pokemon began. Even today, you will still find avid players, fans or not, play these versions because it is one of the timeless classic games of all time. Capturing the original 151 Pokemon in this game is still quite a challenge for players. Even when running and dual types weren’t available in this generation, there is always something to adore about beginning in Pallet Town, defeating Team Rocket and then taking out your rival Gary or Blue. The most pleasing part of playing these editions is knowing that its storyline connects with the second generation.

The difficult art is finding a Gameboy Advance or Gameboy to play these games. Good thing that these editions are remade in the third generation.


Pokemon Generation III

The editions you will find in this generation are a remake which is the Fire Red and Leaf Green, from Red and Green of the first. Other editions include Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. This comes with added running, contests, double battles and better animations. While other players place Generation III at a higher spot in the list, its new focus on the EV and IV value systems were a tad too serious for a Pokemon game. The contests may not appeal to everyone, too, but it has certainly got its own appeal that will entice people to play the game.


But if you search for the best Pokemon editions of all time, many will pick Pokemon Emerald. Just like the editions Platinum, Crystal, and Yellow, Emerald is the extension of Sapphire and Ruby.

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