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What are the Best Pokemon Games?

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017

What are the Best Pokemon Games?

If you have played Pokemon GO before, you may well consider the title to be the best Pokemon game ever.

This might mean that you haven’t played other versions of Pokemon – the ones before it was made it into the mobile phone gaming version.

Fans of Pokemon know very well the value of playing every version of the Pokemon game.

This article will give you a list of the best Pokemon games that ever made it into the market. And you’ll be shocked that it isn’t Pokemon GO at the top of the list.


Pokemon Generation II

The Pokemon Generation II was composed of Crystal, Silver, and Gold editions. Many Pokemon players have great respect for the first generation, but most players feel that it was the second generation that picked up the pace. The formal revelation of the dual-types and the implementation of the night and day cycle created various ways of how the game is to be played. And for the very first time, the time of the day really mattered in the game. Some Pokemon could only be captured at certain times of the day. It really made the game more interesting yet more frustrating. Aside from these week and day cycles, this second generation also expanded on the happiness/friendship system, which was introduced in the Yellow Edition, making the Pokemon grow through their devotion to their masters.


Pokemon Generation I

This generation composed of the Red, Yellow and Blue Editions. This is where the fun of playing Pokemon began. Even today, you will still find avid players, fans or not, play these versions because it is one of the timeless classic games of all time. Capturing the original 151 Pokemon in this game is still quite a challenge for players. Even when running and dual types weren’t available in this generation, there is always something to adore about beginning in Pallet Town, defeating Team Rocket and then taking out your rival Gary or Blue. The most pleasing part of playing these editions is knowing that its storyline connects with the second generation.

The difficult art is finding a Gameboy Advance or Gameboy to play these games. Good thing that these editions are remade in the third generation.


Pokemon Generation III

The editions you will find in this generation are a remake which is the Fire Red and Leaf Green, from Red and Green of the first. Other editions include Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. This comes with added running, contests, double battles and better animations. While other players place Generation III at a higher spot in the list, its new focus on the EV and IV value systems were a tad too serious for a Pokemon game. The contests may not appeal to everyone, too, but it has certainly got its own appeal that will entice people to play the game.


But if you search for the best Pokemon editions of all time, many will pick Pokemon Emerald. Just like the editions Platinum, Crystal, and Yellow, Emerald is the extension of Sapphire and Ruby.

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Top Free Android Games Everyone Should Know About

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

Top Free Android Games Everyone Should Know About

If you want to kill some time and enjoy playing games using your Android phones yet you don’t want to spend a few dollars on buying the game or application that you want, do not worry because there are tons of Android games that you can try out there with no fee at all! Here is a list of the best free android games that everyone should know about:


Circle Affinity

The object of the game is to to move through a series of rotating circles to reach the center. During your journey you need to avoid an increasing number of stationary and flying enemies and obstacles. Once you master the first level you will find another four increasingly difficult levels to tackle if you have not been driven crazy by the hypnotic rotating circles..



Six! Is a puzzle game where need to move your hexigon down through the screen. To do this you have to tap on the screen to destroy the blocks beneath you. It might consume a lot of your time, but you will surely enjoy developing a strategy when it comes to combining and removing to win the game. You will encounter a lot of complex situations too, lots of tapping on the screen but overall, for those who enjoy puzzles and strategies, this is the perfect game for you.



Orbit is an experimental game where you are going to create a situation and watch what happens next. It is more like a puzzle game but suits you because you will be able to create your own solar system. There are planets around, black holes and celestial bodies that you can encounter. It is great for people who adore astronomy.


Wizard For Hire

This game will let you create a new adventure in the world of magic. For instance, if you’ve been assigned as the wizard, your main job is to protect the castle from enemies by casting spells. There are some balloons that you have to match on the symbol given to prevent it from destroying the castle, however, if you just miss one you will go back to square one.


One More Jump

Playing in the world of vivid colors and abstract shapes can be very exciting. In each level, you are required to reach the exit. Therefore, you need to do all you can to just to stick with the white platform. You have your grinning square that will set you speeding down. Therefore, you need to work on your timing to meet disaster while you are on your way to reaching the exit by jumping here and there. There are also bonuses that you should also grab on the road to upgrade to the next level and make sure that you will be able to leap across the exit to win the game.

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Today’s Unbelievable Advancements in Gaming Technology

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016

Today’s Unbelievable Advancements in Gaming Technology

Those who love to play video games in the past would be amazed at the awesome advances in gaming technology these days. Ever since it became very popular back in the eighties, game companies have always been improving their offerings by giving the best kind of entertainment that gamers are looking for.

But who would’ve thought that what was once just a fantasy has turned out to be a reality these days? Here are a few examples of what these modern gaming technologies are.

Voice Recognition

Whilst this technology is primarily used to be an alternative to the controller, it can be utilized together with the controller also. This voice-controlled gaming feature has been around for quite some time but has become more popular recently. Computers can recognize commands from the user by their voices. You can turn your gaming console on and off using this technology, but in the recent games, you can also use voice commands to control the gameplay. It can also be used to interact with your gaming friends in social media, play songs in the media library or even search on the web. You only need to talk to the gaming system that you use.

Facial Recognition

Why would the voice be the only technology be utilized these days? There is also facial recognition, too.

Facial recognition and 3D scanning allow the systems to create an image of yourself into the gaming world. This means that players get to create their very own avatar based on their own features. Gamers can also transfer their facial expressions and turn them into digital creations. One prominent semiconductor manufacturing company created a 3D camera which permits developers to make their games by adapting to emotions of the gamer. This is done by scanning the 78 points of the person’s face.

Amazing Graphics

This may seem like nothing new, but if you check out some of the anticipated games this year, you will never believe that it is only a game. Graphics are becoming phenomenal these days and it would seem to be better playing hardcore video games than watching films with the most amazing graphics. Cutting edge advancement in gaming technology these days allow the gamers to fully experience games in total realism, they are so true to life. With the game’s playability with high image quality, it makes the gamer feel like they are inside the game.

High Definition Displays

What good would the graphics be without high definition displays? You will find the Ultra experiencewith4K gaming. Televisions with 4K capacities together with the 4K laptops were once very expensive; their price points have steadily reduced, turning them into the standard for new games screens to play on.

Gesture Control

You can even play games without using the game controller these days? Gamers can now play first person shooter games with just a few gestures of their hands. By utilizing a 3D camera which it tracks twenty-two different points in the hand, this technology allows users to connect with their games using natural movements of the body.

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